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Spotlight on CA Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative

2019 Creators' Fund Recipient

Through the support of Blue Heart, the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative was able to commission three Vietnamese artists to create empowering, culturally appropriate images that celebrate the work the Collaborative is doing. 

"The Blue Heart Creator’s Fund helped facilitate new narratives for nail salon workers that supports nail salon workers rights, health and safety, and dignity and that young Vietnamese Americans can be proud of."

- CA Health Nail Salon Collaborative Program Coordinator

Natalie Bui - Poster.jpg

Illustration by artist Natalie Bui, with support from Blue Heart

The Blue Heart Creator’s Fund supported the CA Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative’s art contest, which sought to educate the young adult population (age 18-30) on the issues that nail salon workers face and to engage them with creating new and affirming narratives for nail salon workers.


We are excited to announce that CANSC accomplished their goal of targeting family members of nail salon workers and Asian American/Vietnamese American communities within school campuses through art-driven engagement, in partnership with the Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association (VAALA).

CANSC chose a judging panel to include one staff member from VAALA, one Collaborative Steering Committee member, a salon worker member from Northern CA, and a salon worker member from Southern CA. After tallying the scores, the top three winners emerged, all of whom were Vietnamese American female artists.


They created pieces that aimed to subvert the traditional narrative about workers in the nail salon industry. CANSC awarded the winners with cash prizes, and incorporated the winning pieces into new, bilingual outreach materials, including posters, postcards, and stickers (see images). These materials, especially the posters, will be distributed to our nail salon worker members through our leadership meetings and health and safety trainings. The materials will be used to engage students during our outreach events (i.e. film screenings, tabling) at local colleges and universities and will be circulated on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at

Illustration by artist Julie Nguyen, with support from Blue Heart

Illustration by artist Julie Nguyen, supported by Blue Heart.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 5.58.28 PM.png

Illustration by artist Christina Truong, with support from Blue Heart

"This is a piece about my mom, who gave up her education so that I would have an opportunity to have an education. She may not know advanced math, science, or English very well, but she knows how to work hard and provide for her family. 

- Christina Truong

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