There is an growing divide between Bay Area companies and local nonprofits.

Your company can bridge the gap.

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A lean social impact solution for fast-growing tech companies

Employees in the Bay Area tech industry are often curious but uncertain about how to meaningfully engage with local nonprofits. The cultural and economic gap between Silicon Valley and local organizations creates a difficult relationship. We provide streamlined, high-impact opportunities to engage your workplace in learning and acting on the issues that matter most.  

Increase employee happiness & talent retention.

Strategically grow your social impact.

Improve customer appeal.

Join a group of forward-looking companies who trust Blue Heart to amplify their social good.


Your company is a community. We help you take action together.

We help companies put their values into action inside and outside the office walls.

Our sessions improve cross-team cohesion, deepen employee development, and connect company vision to local social impact opportunities.

Workshops & Trainings

In our 1-4 hour hands-on sessions your team members will:


  • Understand current social challenges in the Bay Area, particularly those affecting low-income communities and communities of color; 

  • Explore what civic engagement means and how employees want to engage socially and politically right now; and/or

  • Identify the values and issues that are most important to your workplace and create an individual and/or team action plan to support those values and issues. 

Workshops can be tailored to focus on specific sectors of interest, such as healthcare or education.

Keeping your team happy, engaged, and connected.

"Having a workshop like this definitely positively affects my work. It shows that I’m part of a loving group of people. I used to work at a different company, where the ties I had with my teammates were much weaker. Welkin’s willingness to bring this type of training in truly speaks to the company’s values and commitment to its employees.”

- Alicia Zhang, Partnerships, Welkin Health

“It’s hard to make people feel safe bringing their personal selves into a workspace. The Blue Heart workshop made people feel proud of their workplace community and assured that they can get support from others in the community on an array of issues that matter to them.”

- Gideon Wald, Co-Founder and CTO, Welkin Health

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