We believe that both donors and movement organizers need to feel inspired about what they are building towards - not just what they are fighting against.


The goal of the Blue Heart Creator’s Fund is to support artists and frontline organizations to build irresistible visions about how the world was, is, and could be. Art and creative expression is how we remember, reimagine, and reconnect with ourselves and each other in new ways.

"Loving Light" by Blue Heart artist partner Erin Yoshi


Each year, Blue Heart partners with approximately 12 grassroots organizations and channels unrestricted funding to support their frontline work to build a more just and beautiful world. These partner organizations are invited to submit a short proposal describing a collaborative project with an artist that would communicate and support their movement-building work. We also invite artists from the Blue Heart Artist Network to submit project ideas in collaboration with one of our grassroots partners. Joining the artist network is easy - just fill out this short form.


The Creator’s Fund makes 2-4 small grants per year ($1,000-$2,000) to our partner organizations and artists.


10% of each Blue Heart member’s monthly membership dues go into the Creator’s Fund. As a Blue Heart member (and thus contributor to the Creator’s Fund), you will get photos, videos, and updates on the creative projects, and be invited to see the final products in person (when possible).

Spotlight on: El/La Para TransLatinas

2020 Creators' Fund Recipient

El/La Para TransLatinas created “Una Linda Realidad”, a collection of photographs that provide a glimpse into the joy and empowerment within transgender Latinx circles. This uplifting collection- complete with stunning images and interview excerpts from individuals in the trans community- portrays a sense of unity and pride despite extraordinary challenges faced by trans POC in society today.


Sins Invalid   2020 Creators' Fund Recipient

Artists in the Sins Invalid collective used Blue Heart funding to create “Disability Justice from A to Z”, a beautifully detailed coloring book delivers a creative way to spread awareness and perspective on various types of disabilities, whilst providing participants with a therapeutic outlet. Download the coloring book today!

CA Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative   2019 Creators' Fund Recipient

CA Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative used the support from Blue Heart to facilitate an art contest for Vietnamese American artists. They selected three winners, whose illustrations will be used in the Collaborative's marketing and campaigns in 2020 and beyond.

Banteay Srei   2018 Creators' Fund Recipient

Banteay Srei used the support from Blue Heart to create the Poetry Jam project, in collaboration artist Monica Sok. It's a powerful way for young Asian American women are survivors of human trafficking to share their stories and heal together. 


Applying as an Organization

The Creator’s Fund support is available to Blue Heart all current and former partner organizations. If you are a grassroots organization interested in becoming a Blue Heart partner, nominate yourself!


If you are a current or past Blue Heart partner organization with a question about the Creator’s Fund, just send us an email.

Applying as an Artist

To get notified about when the Creators Fund is open for proposals and which organizations we are supporting, sign up here (takes <5 seconds). We will share the social media or portfolio link you provide to our partner organizations, who may invite you to collaborate on an idea.


We welcome artist-driven or organization-driven proposals, though please note that we give priority to project proposals that come from artists who have an existing relationship with the organization they are proposing to collaborate with. We welcome (but do not require) proposals for creative projects that are already being supported by other funding sources.


We strongly encourage black, brown, femme, queer, trans, and/or gender nonconforming artists to apply.  

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