Time period: October 2016-September 2020

*Up through December 2019

“Support from Blue Heart goes a long way in our power-building with immigrant youth in Oakland. We are able to make decisions around how to best use the support according to our needs without the restrictions that often comes with foundation grant funding. Blue Heart's vision for engaging a broader community in social transformation is inspiring and timely. We are pleased to call them partners in our work.”

Joshua Fisher Lee, Program Director, AYPAL

“Blue Heart cuts through so many of the bullshit power dynamics in the funding world. Y'all give us cash to push our work forward the ways we know work best, without us having to jump through a ton of hoops. You listen to our stories and our leadership and get visual artists *paid* to amp our work through their visual aesthetic. Goddamn."


Devi Peacock, Executive Director, Peacock Rebellion

“What's powerful about Blue Heart's model is that folks are able to donate to our organization, AND they're also really learning about the incredible work we and others are doing. Not only that, but donors are connected to opportunities to work alongside these organizations!”

Tameeka Bennett, Executive Director, Youth United for Community Action

“Blue Heart is fostering a movement: Connecting young professionals with audacious and visionary organizations; moving needed resources to frontline struggles; cultivating stimulating & life-affirming cultural interventions; challenging paralysis & guilt with important calls to action.  There are so many creative ways to deploy ourselves in the struggle. Blue Heart offers many wonderful pathways to that end!”


Mateo Nube, Co-director, Movement Generation


We know that traditional metrics for measuring the impact of this work have been created by and for primarily white, male-led, philanthropic institutions, and that those indicators are often not community-driven. Thus, we work with our partner organizations to understand how they evaluate the success of their own programs in fostering political, cultural, and economic self-determination among the communities they work with.


We do not attach strings or unnecessary hoops to our funding - all Blue Heart grants are unrestricted core funding for the organizations to use as they see fit. Over time, we will aggregate metrics for our impact on political power-building across our partner organizations in the regions we work (similar models of iterative learning and evaluation have been adopted by other funders such as the Tipping Point Community and Solidaire).

Because our grants are small and the organizations we fund are extremely capacity-strapped, we take a very lean approach to our reporting requirements. We do a streamlined assessment after 6 months of partnership, using the following questions: 


  1. What did our partner organizations achieve in the 6 months since receiving funding?

  2. How do the organization's programs help build the political power of low income communities and communities of color?

  3. How are those programs giving people control over resources to support their own vision of a physically, culturally, economically, and ecologically flourishing community?

Anti Police-Terror Project

Planting Justice

El Quinto Sol