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Let's Talk Reparations!

Join us in asking: how might I redistribute money or take action to transform the economies that create inequities in the first place?

Reparations: Where to Start

To look forward towards a more just and beautiful world, we must look back towards the harms and injustices that have brought us here. Only through healing and repairing past harms can we have the collective power to transform the political, ecological, and social crises of today.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Place. Who are the Indigenous peoples who lived/live on the land I now inhabit? When did you first realize or understand your family’s connection to slavery, genocide, and colonization? How might you move money to make amends for people’s erasure, marginalization, or native communities’ dispossession from this land?

  • Economies. Where has my family lived and/or from what part of our economies have they derived their wealth? How might I move money to make amends? How do I benefit from an economy built on the stolen labor of Black people and the extraction of resources from the Global South? How might I materially contribute to dismantling institutions that challenge Black self-determination?

  • Identities. What are my identities and how do I or have I benefited from these identities at the expense of others? How might I redistribute money or take action to make amends?

Reparations in Action

Reparations is not a one-time payment to absolve your ancestor's sins.