Now is the time to give boldly.

Philanthropy today is slow, timid, and disconnected.
Join our community to fund visionaries on the frontlines of social change.

Blue Heart bridges the funding gap.

Community-based organizations do not receive funding because they lack relationships and visibility with potential donors.

Donors are often disconnected from community organizations and are not accountable to the people they ultimately seek to serve.

We find the under-the-radar organizations who are doing transformational work on the ground.

Your membership funds those organizations.

“I believe deeply in supporting my local community with an open-ended commitment and respect for community priorities and needs. I don’t have a particular ‘issue area’ that trumps all others for me, and I’m also not sure I have the right to decide what issue is most important. I want to contribute to issues my local community thinks are important. I don’t know of another organization that makes that both possible and easy.”

- Blue Heart Member, Dec 2019

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We carefully research and select organizations. We find groups that are small, scrappy, and often go unseen by traditional foundations and philanthropists. These are the ground-level leaders building the political and cultural power of marginalized communities in the United States. Every month, we choose one organization to feature and fund.

Our members contribute $25-$150 each month. We send you a profile of the organization you are funding, stories from their work, and actions you can take to support them.80% of the funds go directly to the featured organizations. 10% (or more, if you choose) goes into the Blue Heart Creator’s Fund. The final 10% goes to cover our basic operational costs. We are an all volunteer-run organization.

Visionary organizations and artists get funded. We believe that art is an essential ingredient for inspiration and innovation in social change movements. A small portion of monthly memberships goes to the Creators Fund. Through small project grants, the Fund supports collaboration between artists and the grassroots organizations in the Blue Heart portfolio. Blue Heart members to meet the artists and see the final products of each year’s funded projects. Learn more about the Creator's Fund.

  • Exposure to under-the-radar, grassroots organizations who are building bottom-up solutions to critical social and environmental challenges in the US

  • An in-depth interview each month with the featured grassroots leader whose work you are supporting

  • Monthly action opportunities and hand-picked learning resources for you to engage more deeply

  • Invitations to events & dialogues with other Blue Heart members and partner organizations

  • Photos, videos, and in-person opportunities to experience the creative projects funded by the Blue Heart Creator’s Fund

  • Annual end-of-year giving guide to help you give more strategically 

  • All members at the $150/month level or higher get 60 min/year of personalized coaching on your philanthropic & civic engagement strategy from a member of the Blue Heart team.

Blue Heart members invest in social change not supported by traditional philanthropy
We believe that the innovation needed to tackle today’s critical social and environmental issues resides in the communities most directly affected by their impacts. Thus, we are dedicated to funding organizations that are led by the communities who are most affected by systemic injustice. Blue Heart members play a vital role in enabling these organizations to create a more just and beautiful world.

Young leaders from Youth United for Community Action, one of Blue Heart's grassroots partner organizations. 

Each month you get:

  • Exposure to one new, grassroots organization every month

  • Stories & impact updates from the social visionaries you are supporting

  • Concrete action opportunities

  • Recommended learning resources

  • Invitations to events with our partner organizations & members


“With Blue Heart, it doesn’t feel like someone just asking me for money- I’m part of a community and I’m on a journey with them. It feels very approachable and inspiring.”

- Bridget C, Los Altos

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